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Whether you own an undeveloped lot, seasonally camp in a tent or RV, or have a home in Redhill Forest, this overview will help you better understand the community. If you are a new owner, click here to download our welcome letter.



Redhill Forest has 22 miles of roads, privately owned and maintained by the HOA. The roads are graded seasonally, and snow is plowed when snow accumulates five inches or greater.


The speed limit throughout Redhill Forest is 25 MPH, but we encourage residents and guests to slow to 20 MPH, which can help reduce washboarding and dust.  Many residents and visitors walk the roads for exercise and enjoyment. Slowing down when approaching and passing pedestrians is a neighborly gesture that is always appreciated.


Redhill Forest has a community water system. The system was fully rebuilt in 2012 and provided dependable, high-quality drinking water throughout the year. Individual wells are not permitted, but tap fees are far less expensive.  You can learn more about water rates and tap fees by clicking here.

RV Dump Station

An RV dump station is located just south of the mailboxes at the entrance.  A $45 key charge is required and can be requested through our property management company.



CORE (formerly Intermountain Rural Electric Association) provides reliable power for the entire area.  Standard residential service is 200 AMP.  Core accepts up to 10Kv of solar panels. This is a “grid-tie” arrangement where a solar home feeds back unused energy for a credit against times when it consumes electricity from the system. For more information on establishing service or obtaining a solar connection permit, visit the CORE website here.



Mountain View Waste Systems provides weekly trash pick-up service at 303-838-0560. They provided 95-gallon rolling containers (bear-proof available at extra cost). Currently, trash pickup day is on Monday.  Containers should be at the roadside by 7 AM and should be moved back to the property after they have been emptied.

Mail and Deliveries

Home mail delivery from the Fairplay Post Office is available at the cluster boxes at the entrance. You'll need to visit the post office and provide proof of residency.  UPS and FedEx also serve Redhill Forest, which delivers daily to the subdivision.


CenturyLink provides standard phone service but no high-speed data.  For properties on the west side of the ridge, cell service by both AT&T and Verizon is excellent. T-Mobile coverage is poor. Cell service is poor for properties on the east side of the ridge.


Internet data service is available by either point-to-point wireless or satellite.  South Park Telephone has been the most common supplier of point-to-point Internet. Over the years, residents have used Hughes and ViaSat satellite services (slow and expensive). Owners who have installed Starlink are reporting good results with the ability to stream video and videoconference successfully. Want to learn more about Starlink in use at Redhill Forest? Click this link.

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