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KC & Associates

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Updated Water Policies proposed for 2024

The Redhill Forest POMWACA Water Policies proposed changes include no increases in cost to property owners.  The proposed changes include but not limited to the following:

  • Correct spelling or tense

  • Remove obsolete information

  • Revised the application and insurance information

  • Changed construction of service line requirements

  • Made inspection of construction clearer

  • Made it clear that all dwellings must connect to approved water system

  • Made it clear no wells or cisterns

Click here to review the document.  Click here to review fees. Please submit your comments before February 19, 2024 to for possible consideration.  Possible vote by the Board at the February 2024 Board meeting.  

Looking for agendas, minutes, and financials?  Click below to log into through the Owner Portal for all documents and information on your HOA account.


Wayne Rausch, President (exp 2025)

Kelly Thomas, Vice President (exp 2024) •

David Mazar, Treasurer (exp 2024)

Jerry Shands, Secretary (exp 2024) •

Thomas Brady, Board Member(exp 2025) •

Chris Hinton, Board Member (exp 2025) •

Gus Lindquist, Board Member (exp 2025)

Joan Moore, Board Member (exp 2025)

Rick Riddick, Board Member (exp 2024)

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